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With our boarding facilities, your pets have a home away from home.

At Covina Animal Hospital, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality care for our patients and guests. Below you will find just some of the ways your pet would benefit from the care we provide.


We are qualified

Our staff includes highly trained and knowledgeable kennel assistants that work to keep your pet happy. We practice Fear Free methods with all of our guests and we are constantly trying to learn how we can improve the quality of your pet's visit. Our hospital is equipped with various boarding options to fit the size and comfort levels needed for each pet. We also have multiple boarding areas to minimize stress among pets with differing personalities.

We are compassionate

Our staff understands the needs of each pet and works tirelessly to ensure your family member has a comfortable, stress-free stay. While staying with us, each canine guest (or family of guests) is taken outside for play time and potty breaks at least four times a day. While not being active outside, dogs can rest quietly and comfortably in our warmly lit, temperature controlled boarding areas. Feline guests take turns roaming in our cat room surrounded by toys, beds, and a large cat tree. All of our rooms are set up with soft classical music that plays 24/7 and pheremone infusers to encourage relaxation.

We are accommodating

Whether it be extra play time to drain high energy or thick pads and blankets to comfort arthritis, we are here to meet your baby's satisfaction. If there is anything your pet finds particularly fun or relaxing, such as belly rubs or toys stuffed with peanut butter, we are more than happy to take on those requests.

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